Inspired by the nature, National Handicraft Exports (NHE) established in 2012; is a unit of National Handmade Industries founded in 1996, formed with an eye to cater international market with the best quality products. NHE has received international acclaim for the development of industry leading designs and production technologies and is widely recognised as an organisation that continues to introduce revolutionary new handmade paper to the market place with exceptional quality and controls system.

A market leader in the manufacturing and export of premium Eco-friendly, handmade cotton paper and products, NHE thrives on their innovation and skills to infuse fashion with the traditional art of handmade paper making. NHE is a one stop destination, where creativity, innovation and knowledge would work for sustainable development.

Our exclusive collection of Cotton Leather Products is widely used as desktop stationery items. Cotton Leather is our unique and signature series which is developed from cotton as raw material but looks and resembles leather. Cotton leather is 100% made from recycled cotton remnants formed and pressed into paper by hands to look like leather. This effect of real leather is reproduced without the use of animal related products and achieved by highly skilled craftsmen. For every 1 tonne of cotton leather paper, we save around 27 eucalyptus trees which would otherwise be chopped if used Mill Card sheets. This genre of paper is first of its kind in the world. We proudly say that its a ‘Tree Free Paper’.

With the strong belief that our clients can be contemporary and fashionable in their approach, we involved the role of fashion in traditional art of handmade paper making. Our exclusivity remains with the skill, innovation and quality of wide range of cotton leather products.

It is UKAS ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company. They strive for excellence in quality of handcrafted products. At the moment, NHE is exporting their goods to over 50 countries.

We have a dedicated and knowledgeable product and design team, traveling worldwide to take the best of the trends and transforming to design creation with mood boards, samples and giving added advantage to the customers for their own design collection. We believe to become partners in the progression of our customers, understanding the needs and delivering the latest design & product development inputs to make the journey a success.

NHE provides livelihood to many skilled craftsmen from nearby village. We have a unique set-up to revive traditional skills and techniques to make a sustainable living.

Believing in Fair trade and ethics is the main key for the long term business relationships with our customers.

The business model of NHE is seasoned with time with experience over 20 years.

Cotton Leather is Bio-Degradable, water resistant and can be custom fabricated in variety of bright and metallic based colors otherwise not available in Leather.

Also our Cotton Recycled Canvas products are waterproof in itself.

Our cotton handmade paper are digital printable. Copyright and licensed prints are purchased from reputed companies and transferred on these papers to make it trendy, aligning our products with the existing or running range of Home furnishing products.

Our key areas of responsibility are:

  • Our Suppliers: We work for positive social, ethical and environmental improvements in our supply chain.
  • Our Customers: We work to ensure we exceed our client's expectations through the delivery of excellence in products and service.
  • Our People: We work to provide an environment where our employees are respected and encouraged, treated fairly and cared for, listened to and are motivated to achieve their true potential based on their skill set. We also ensure that the factory meets all standards of audits of labor laws where production is being done.
  • Environment: Since, no trees are cut to make the paper and by using this paper product we promote the discontinuation of Leather and plastic based PU products, we continuously try working for the environment.
  • Community: We work to provide livelihood to many craftsman in by enhancing their skills otherwise ignored by society; giving value to the unique handcrafted products and our way of giving back to the community.
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The firm is under proprietorship of Mr. Ajay Jain and has received international acclaim for the development of industry leading, designs and production leading.

Our key to success and core strength is our Product Development & Design Team. We bring the latest trends coupled with our in-depth study of market bringing the freshness in the ever changing fashion world combined with our Eco-friendly handmade paper and recycled cotton products.

For NHE, continuous improvement would lie at the heart of our business, and we are constantly looking for ways to ensure we run our business in a responsible way. We believe it is important our business is supported by a robust approach to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), where we see no conflict between our approach to corporate responsibility and good business practice.

NHE team strongly believes in practicing good ethics and code of conduct. Hence we give a lot of importance on being socially accountable for child and forced labor laws, harsh treatments, health and safety standards of factory.

Successful global businesses have the power to make a real difference. Economic performance and social responsibility goes hand in hand, when there is a genuine consideration of our impact on the communities and the environment in which we live and work.